Becoming Pear Tree

Lighted candles in glass jars suspended from a pear tree

On 1st August Phil carried out a one hour performance on zoom on the subject ‘Becoming Tree’ simultaneously with 18 other artists from across the world – from Delhi to Finland, Slovenia to New York and Colombo to Cornwall. Watch the video of Phil’s performance.

The mass performance was organised by Arts of the self as part of the Be-Coming Tree project. Find out more on facebook here.

The performance was both an elegy for over 120 mature trees felled for development and a celebration of of the pear tree (Pyrus communis var.) which has stood in our garden for over thirty years since we moved in, and was an old tree then.  During the performance, Phil Barton became pear tree and pear tree became Phil Barton.

Phil has now shortened and re-filmed the performance and you can watch the video here. The video runs for 25 minutes and comprises four ‘chapters:

·  Bearing Witness: The Oxford Road Murders

·  Gathering: Exploring Pear, Exploring Phil

·  Unfurling: Becoming Phil, Becoming Pear

·  Scattering: Dressing For Departure

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