Superseeded Pop Up Exhibition

Poster for Superseeded pop up show

Come and join me on the banks of the bank of the Regent’s Canal this coming weekend for a pop up show!

Located in a unique exhibition environment within a domestic houseboat, Superseeded inverts the houseboat into an immersive experience. Capturing and revealing our trees’ subtle intracacies, from of the emergence of the embryonic shoot to the final leaf anatomy, Superseeded appears as an aesthetic Ark for our threatened native trees.

The artist is inspired by his collaboration with scientists working on the UK National Tree Seed Project at Kew Gardens : a ground-breaking project aimed at the long-term conservation of our native trees and woodlands, by creating a national repository of plant material and associated knowledge. Over recent decades changing temperatures and more extreme weather events mean that our trees and woodlands are subject to risks from changing phenology, drought, fire, and invasive species. This Ark is a tribute to the impressive conservation work being accomplished by Kew Gardens scientists.

Phil’s concern with trees and their importance as part of our life support system will also be reflected at Superseeded by showing recent sculpture on this theme. Work on the theme of sea-level rise, predicted to be up to 2m by 2121, will also be included in the show.

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