Phil to exhibit in Flora Flora group show at Fronteer Gallery

Exhibition flyer for Flora Flora at Fronteer Gallery 6th - 30th Aptril 2020

Phil will be exhibiting one of his series of Superseeded prints, Hostile Environment (Beech Tree)  (2021).

“During the third lock-down in 2021 I experimented with carborundum, embossing and overprinting when printing from plant material.” says Phil. “Part of my exploration of the UK National Tree Seed Project with whom I went on seed collecting expeditions in England and Scotland, I wanted to express the beauty and structure of the trees themselves and make visible the level of threat experienced by our native trees – from imported pests and diseases, climate change, urban development and agricultural intensification. The technique is hit and miss in terms of success, but, where it works, as here, I find the images are both haunting and hopeful. More recently, the Government’s Coronavirus advertising has hit on the same idea of making invisible threats visible!

Monoprint of birch twig empossed int the paper and overprinted with carborundum and acrylic paint
Hostile Environment (Beech Tree) (2021)

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