The Sea

The Se exhibition poster

A new group show at Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield runs until 18th August. One of my set of Cornwall screenprints – “Deep Time: Rock, Sea, Sky – Hartland Quay” (2022)  – is included.

One of a series of prints on the theme of “Deep Time: Rock, Sea, Sky” made in response to residencies in Cornwall last autumn, this print shows the fractured and multi-coloured rocks dating back to Gondwanaland which today are immersed and exposed by the Atlantic tide as they have been for millennia. The intertidal zone in which they currently lie is set to move after 10,000 years of relative stability as the sea level rises, the Anthropocene gathers pace and there is little sign of a fundamental realignment by humanity with nature.

The work draws on my strong feelings of bearing witness to infinite connections linking past, present and future and is a meditation on impermanence; of scale, time and process.

I hope you can get along to this varied and inspiring show!

“Deep Time: Rock, Sea, Sky – Hartland Quay” (2022)

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