Reimagining Joya


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“Cultural activities in abandoned and denuded places are the key to landscape restoration and combatting climate change” (Simon Beckmann, Co-Founder & Curator of Joya AiR)
Reimagining Joya is an exhibition inspired by the experiences and artistic responses of a group of artists who have all participated in Joya: Art + Ecology / AiR residency. Joya is a multi- disciplinary arts residency, which offers a place to develop creativity in the natural environment of Andalucía in Spain. The curators, Olga Suchanova, Tere Chad and Barbara Slavikova, have selected a body of works which explore the way we inhabit, survey, feel, and relate to the natural landscape and its living creatures.

The exhibition will take place at Thames-side Studios Gallery (Unit 4 Harrington Way, Warspite Rd, London, SE18 5NR) between the 26th August – 11th September 2022. During the period of the exhibition artists will be hosting a series of workshops and public events.

The MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins is ten years old this year. Students have been drawn from arts, science and a diverse range of other backgrounds to work together at the interface between art and science. Human relationships with nature and the land have been a recurring theme explored on the course, with the Joya: Art + Ecology / AiR residency an important catalyst for experimentation, research and conversation with nature. Here alumni of both course and residency show work inspired and influenced by these engagements.

PV: Friday 26th August 17:30 – 21:30hrs
OPENING HOURS: 27th August – 11th September 12:00 – 18:00 hrs
VENUE: Thames-Side Studios Gallery, Unit 4 Harrington Way, Warspite Rd, London SE18 5NR

CURATORS: Olga Suchanova, Tere Chad, Barbora Slavikova
ARTISTS: Heather Barnett, Phil Barton, Simon Beckmann, SRG Bennett, Tere Chad, Mariana Heilmann, Maritina Keleri, Melanie King, Silvia Krupinska, Becky Lyon, Amy Starmar, Hannah Scott and Olga Suchanova.

Baranco painting at Joya by Phil Barton

Find out more about the works I am exhibiting here

NATURAL LANDSCAPE SOUND ART PERFORMANCE: Friday 26th August 18 – 21hrs, facilitated by Evil Data Religion (free)
POETRY READING: Friday 26th August 19 – 19:30hrs, facilitated by Amy Starmar (free)
FUN-TASTIC RECYCLED GREETING CARDS WORKSHOP: Saturday 27th August 14 – 17hrs, facilitated by Barbora Slavikova (£5)
FORAGING BY THE RIVER THAMES & HOW TO HAIKU POETRY WORKSHOP: Sunday 28th August 15 – 17hrs, facilitated by Amy Starmar (£5)
SCULPTING THROUGH RECYCLING: Sunday 28th August 12 – 14hrs, Tuesday 30th August 14 – 18hrs, Thursday 1st September 15 – 18hrs, Friday 2nd September 14 – 18hrs, facilitated by Tere Chad, Olga Suchanova & Mariana Heilmann (free)
PHOTOGRAPHY WALK & CAFFENOL DEVELOPER WORKSHOP: Saturday 3rd September 11 – 16hrs, facilitated by Olga Suchanova (£5)
ANTHOTYPE WORKSHOP: Sunday 4th September 13 – 15hrs, facilitated by Olga Suchanova (£5)
LAND-INGS WALK: Saturday 10th September 12 – 14hrs, facilitated by Becky Lyon (£5)
LAND ART WORKSHOP: Saturday 10th September 14:30 – 16:30hrs, facilitated by Phil Barton (£5)
SOLARGRAPHY WORKSHOP: Sunday 11th September 13 – 15hrs, facilitated by Olga Suchanova (£5)
*These events are part of Totally Thames programme

Other news & events

PRACTICE is open!

Our group exhibition is now open until 24th November at PR1 Gallery, Victorial Building, University of Central Lancashire, Preston PR1 7HD. I will be present

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