The Waters Are Coming…to Granary Square

…and so is The GreenHouse in the Lethaby Gallery Supporting information for The Waters Are Coming Project | Find out more details here Phil will also be showing two works related to the Climate Crisis and consequent rise in sea levels at The Greenhouse in the Letherby Gallery; The Second Elizabethan Age – all that […]

Window on Lindow

Frozen water and rushes on Lindow Moss

The Lindow Moss area includes a former raised bog which has been severely reduced and damaged from a combination of centuries of peat cutting, the spread of agriculture, development, alterations to drainage, pollution and waste tipping.  The wider area includes Lindow Common, Newgate Nature Reserve, Rossmere and extensive areas in agricultural use still supporting an […]

Days of Action to Remember Nature

A homage to Gustav Metzger on the second and fourth anniversary of his call to artists to Remember Nature – an ever more urgent task

Future Seeds – Kew National Tree Seed Project

Watch my film Future Seeds: an adventure with wind, trees and people now. (Running time 21 minutes – join for as long as you like!) and my more recent film Superseeded (Running time 6 minutes 30 seconds). Residency with Kew’s UK National Tree Seed Project Between August and December 2019 I worked on a residency […]

Picture of Health: A Deep Connection

A Picture of Health As part of A Picture of Health, a joint project between the Medical Research Council’s London Institute of Medical Science and MA Art & Science at Central Saint Martins, Phil Barton has been working with a group of scientists to develop an artwork which will A Picture of Health depends on […]

Rusholme Isolation

A corona virus lockdown project broadcast on Instagram March – May 2020

Maw Macaws, No More Saws

The South American rainforests are burning. The macaw is an indicator species for the health of a forest. Visitors actively engage and create a new work…

The Oxford Road Murders

Between 2015 and 2017 some 120+ mature trees were cut down along Manchester’s Oxford Road Corridor.

[Re]Cycling Tree

Part of a wider project to make explicit the value of urban trees as part of the essential natural life support system that sustains us, [Re]Cycling Tree shows the atoms involved in photosynthesis and the breakdown of nitrous oxide gasses – Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen – in their correct proportions to that process. First […]

Wainsgate Death and Life Walk

A dialogue between the residents of Wainsgate Graveyard past and present through a series of screen-printed banners and a performance by the artist. Drawing on historical records relating to burials in the graveyard during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries together with contemporary wildlife surveys, the installation explores the relationships between the natural and human […]