Rusholme Isolation

Since an enforced lock-down return to Manchester I have been responding to the Covid 19 pandemic through re-purposing the work of artists or art schools as an occasional series of Instagram posts as part of my creative response to the frustration and anger at the curtailment of my masters in the run-up to my, now postponed, degree show and the mismanagement of the UK Government.

On St Patrick’s Day, 17th March, I left London to self-isolate in Manchester, abandoning my degree show installations in the Archway studios.

In a state of shock, I decided to re-ignite my creativity by publicly committing to a new Instagram project. The rules were simple:

  • work must comment on the Covid-19 pandemic
  • it must be made with the (limited) materials available to me at home
  • it must re-purpose or re-invent the work of an established artist
  • it must take no longer than four hours to make

I posted the first on on 20th March and the 20th (I wanted to overtake Covid-19) on 18th May. No doubt there will be occasional follow up posts!

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